Access Statement

It must be emphasised that this is a 370 year old cottage and some of the door and floor access does emphasise its charm and character.

Driveway for guests parking is alongside the cottage and is flat and level. Paving in front of the cottage is a little uneven.

Glass door entrance is 0.76M wide. with a 50mm threshold bar giving access to front hallway.

Entrance via the conservatory is via 0.47M double doors and has a 0.25M step down with a 50mm threshold.

Door through to kitchen is 0.68M wide. and is gained via level floor. Kitchen unit height is 0.91M high.

Doorway to Dining Room is 0.68M wide. With a 25mm threshold bar. This opens out then into the main sitting room which has a Parquet floor. Height of Beam from Dinning Room to Sitting Room is 1.828m / 6ft. and is the lowest beam. Height of Beam across Sitting Room is 6ft 3 inches.

Doorway into front hall has a 25mm step up. Hallway has a W.C. leading off it which itself has a doorway of 0.51M width.

Half Spiral Oak stairs have a handrail on both sides and lead to first floor. All bedrooms are gained via a landing access with Oak flooring.

Please note that no candles are allowed on the premises as they are a safety hazard

If more detailed information is required please do not hesitate to enquire via telephone, letter or email. We will always be happy to answer any queries

Terms and Conditions

1 A deposit will be advised payable to Mrs. A. Bunting with acceptance box checked on booking form page agreeing to the terms and conditions as laid out here below. The balance to be paid eight weeks before your arrival date.

2 In the event of a cancellation please be advised that the deposit is non-refundable and you should have adequate insurance to cover the full cost of your booking with us in the event of a last minute cancellation for what ever reason.

3 Minor breakages will not normally be charged for.We would appreciate the cottage being left clean & tidy. Smokers are welcome, but smoking is only allowed outside the cottage.

4 The cottage is designed and equipped for family-type holidays. We do not usually cater for student groups unless prior arrangements are discussed at the time of your inquiry. Only those named on the booking form can occupy the cottage.Please inform us if you wish to invite day visitors. This is to adhere to health and safety regulations.It is regretted that no pets are permitted.

5 Lettings commence, unless otherwise notified, at 3.00p.m. on day of arrival and terminate at 10.00a.m. on the day of departure. This is to allow enough time for cleaning and laundry changeover to take place, so your cooperation is appreciated.

6 We the owners can accept no liability for any loss or damage to any belongings, or any injuries sustained by you or any members of your party and visitors adequate holiday insurance should be taken out to cover any eventuality.

7 We the owners reserve the right to terminate a booking at any time if the above terms and conditions have not been observed.

8 I the undersigned agree to abide by the conditions of hire and I sign on behalf of all the persons who will use the property during the booking period.

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